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Alchitry labs crashes Mojo V3
Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and also with fpga chips.
I installed the development environments for the mojo v3 card.
And everything works.
The .bin files are generated correctly whit the latest version of alchitry labs and beta version.
I only encounter a problem when I enter the "menu -> Tools -> Serial Port Monitor" which when selected immediately closes Alchitry labs, even Alchitry Loader remains blocked if I try to load the .bin file with and without the card connected.
Instead Mojo Ide and Mojo Loader works perfectly.
I'm using updated Windows 10.
When I install both Alchitry Labs and Mojo Ide I get an error message that the drivers don't have the correct language and I believe they won't install. same message if I launch the dpinst-amd64.exe file.

Thank you
Does this still happen with the latest Alchitry Labs (1.2.7)?

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