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Working loader for MacOS!
We're going to be doing labs with these boards remotely next quarter, we've arranged for remote Windows systems to do the compilation, but half the students have Macs, so I needed a Mac version of the binary loader.  

I was able to pretty easily port the standalone (officially deprecated) command line alchitry-loader for MacOS by doing the following...

From here: https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm
- Download the driver library for 10.4 and later
- Also download and install the "D2XX Helper Tool" (this prevents MacOS from overriding the drivers)
- Follow the instructional video (if you have the helper tool, you don't have to do the "kextunload" step)

Then do 
>git clone https://github.com/alchitry/alchitry-loader
>cd alchitry-loader/src
>c++ -o Alchitry_Loader *.cpp -lftd2xx -lpthread

This will generate a LOT of warnings (>70), but the resulting executable seems to run correctly. 

To test it, do
> ./Alchitry_Loader -l
and it should find the board and return
  0: Alchitry Au
  1: Unknown
Found Au as device 0.

To do a volatile load of a configuration, do
> ./Alchitry_Loader -r (project).bin  

If you want to erase or program the flash, you also need a "bridge" .bin file. You can find "au_loader.bin" and "cu_loader.bin" in this archive:

You then erase the flash with
> ./Alchitry_Loader -p au_loader.bin -e

and program it with
> ./Alchitry_Loader -p au_loader.bin -f project.bin

To date this has only been tested with an Alchitry Au under MacOS Catalina

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