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IR LED ion charge pumps with Scalar Conversion Unit and FPGA high freq pulsing
Infrared LED ion charge pumps with Scalar Conversion Unit and Alchitry Au FPGA high frequency pulsing. Storing multiple ion charges into capacitors.

This construction was designed, programmed and built by me but is based on the work and theory of my friend and mentor Nigel CHEESE who has been teaching me about magnetism and the Scalar Wave and how LEDs can be used as power amplifiers.

There are three earth connections, an infrared solar effect and 21 3.3V PWM channels shunting ions from the H-Load panels into high voltage capacitors. There is no external power source except for the lithium battery powering the FPGA.

I'm no PhD physicist so I may not be able to explain the physics very well, however I love programming and building.

Please enjoy the demo and comment.


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