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How student should manage their studies in college ?
Today, in this modern era of technology and science this is seem to impossible thing to manage all with your daily life studies, I think specially for students that how they gonna survive in their career, how they will uplift their family in the society while they are spending a lot of time on useless content over social media like senseless memes or videos.

The main points between which i am just messed up are as follows.

  • How a student will manage with his/her assignments or essay writings, like when they are spending too much time on useless things and in last they go to web and easily by their assignments, tasks or essays from freelancers or service providers, they just go online find out the person and ask them to do my essay or assignment and thats it the job is done.
  • How a collage or university student should manage its family time with study time.
  • where are extra curricular and sports activities are gone ?
  • There is no concepts of text books remained and ppts are popular so after reading students forget the content just like they dont remember they last night food. 
If anyone here who just care about these points, yeah buddy i want your response and suggestion too, to make this world and humans better from past and present.

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