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Alchitry Au - IP and such..
(01-06-2020, 07:49 PM)john.tilghman@protonmail.com Wrote: Is it possible to create/use a soft core processor on the Au ?

And would this need Lucid or Vivado ?

Also are there PWM and such available ?

I am trying to create a motor controller for a robot.


As I understand your question, there are two ways to do what you want:
1.  Work entirely in Vivado to build the project, then use the Alchitry loader to download it to the board (since the Au is not recognized by the Vivado hardware manager).  You can find the Alchitry loader here: https://alchitry.com/pages/alchitry-loader
2.  Build your core using the "Wizard" in Vivado, then import the resulting  files into your Alchitry labs project.  I haven't done this with CORE, but I have an example using the XADC wizard here:  https://eprebys.faculty.ucdavis.edu/alchitry-notes/

Note that Vivado doesn't support Lucid, so if you want to write in Lucid, you need option 2.


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