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Alchitry Loader on 32-bit Machines (Linux)
There is also a third probability: I was able to build a 32-bit version of the alchitry-loader repo. This procedure should also work for other platforms.
Here is how to do it:

First clone the alchitry-loader repository:

git clone https://github.com/alchitry/alchitry-loader
cd alchitry-loader

In the lib/linux directory there is the precompiled proprietary FTDI library libftd2xx.a. It has to be replaced.
Download the driver for your platform from https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm .

In the downloaded archive there should be a file that has the name libftd2xx.a . In my case it was in the ./release/build/ directory.
Copy it into the lib/linux directory of the repository as replacement.

Make shure there is a libpthread installed. Debian package(?): libpthread-stubs0-dev

Then compile it

g++ -o loader src/*.cpp -L ./lib/linux/ -lftd2xx -lpthread

In my build I had to specify the board type with the -t option:
./loader -t cu -f test.bin

This build should also work for the Au board. I could not test because I have no Au. If somone verifies that, I will append an update to the top post.


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