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Alchitry Loader on 32-bit Machines (Linux)
(03-03-2019, 11:14 AM)serge Wrote: It would be also super nice to be able to load the boards from a ARM32 or ARM64 single board computer.

Indeed for a «medium project» I am considering putting together a small ARM64 SBC (for «outside world interface») with a Cu board, and I'd be happy if I could directly update the bitstream of the board from the ARM64 SBC rather than having to temporarily connect the Cu to a amd64 computer.

Any chances that the loader get «open-sourced» later on ?



PS : to me it seems that the «loader» itself is «only C/C++» without any java on it… ?

Yes you are right: The loader itself is C++ but the GUI not.

The tool is open-sourced (https://github.com/alchitry/alchitry-loader/) except the proprietary FTDI library that is precompiled (why not the open source one?).

Some of the code (spi.cpp) seems to originate from project IceStorm's iceprog tool (https://github.com/cliffordwolf/icestorm...er/iceprog).

So I tried:

iceprog test.bin
It worked excellent on my Alchitry Cu!

This tool uses also the open source libftdi library. It should be available for almost all platforms as ARM etc.
But it only flashes the Cu.

Hope that helps

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