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Alchitry Loader on 32-bit Machines (Linux)
For other users using the ancient 32-bit processor architecture the software package is not executable directly as it is only compiled for 64-bit computers. Fortunately it is possible to emulate such a processor with qemu-x86_64 contained by the qemu-user package in the Debian distribution. I was successfully able to upload a bitstream to my Alchitry Cu by executing
qemu-x68_64 ./tools/loader -f  test.bin
in the extracted package directory of Alchitry Loader.
I don't think that it is possible to launch the GUI easy like this. But in my usecase it is all I wanted since I use project Icestorm directly to develop my stuff on that FPGA.


For the Alchitry Cu there is a way better solution in using the iceprog tool of project IceStorm.
I was able to upload the bitstream by just executing
iceprog test.bin
This tool should be available for many devices. For Debian it is in the package fpga-icestorm

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