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New to FPGA - HDMI project
Hi all, 

I'm new to FPGA's but have a background in PIC/Arduino projects. I would like to grab a mojo board and the HDMI shield and then be able to make modifications to the image "live". 

I imagine I can store the image in a frame buffer and then output that frame rather than processing pixel by pixel in a live fashion. (separating the input and output clocks). Going forward I would like to be able to do things like fade to and from black (or other colour), load in stills into a separate buffer and fade to and from them, And possible scale 1/4 of the screen input to be full output. I realise this is all quite ambitious, but the mojo and HDMI shield look like they would fit the bill for learning how to do these things? 

Anyone got any tips, advice or suggestions or support they would like to share with me? 


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