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Alchitry CU Constraints
(04-22-2019, 08:11 PM)kebo Wrote: Hello All,

I finally got some time to try out my Alchitry CU board. I worked trough the first couple of Verilog tutorials with Alchitry Lab and everything worked fine so far. Now I'm really stuck with the constraints...How can I assign custom pins rather the ones provided with the alchitry.acf file or how do I now what name all the pins have? Is there a description for that ? What I basically want to do is to declare some new outputs and inputs besides the LEDs in the default .acf file using the Alchitry CU with the Alchitry Br shield. Thanks in advance!


It seems to me that the pin names available within Alchitry Lab are defined in this file: 

There you see that you can refer to the pins as the bank letter and the number within the bank (e.g. "B40") or the SPI signals.

samuelcomeau has posted an equivalent file (.txt) there:

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