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Au .bin file loads but cannot program flash
(11-23-2021, 11:59 AM)kanunay Wrote:
(11-22-2021, 01:43 AM)Tyrving Wrote: I have done this in the past, and could not reproduce the issue - are there any unusual OS or USB things that could be causing issues?

As for USB or OS issues, I don't think there are any. I have various other FPGA boards here and don't have a problem programming the flash on any of them. Just the Alchitry Au.

The only major difference between my Vivado project and the example projects is the size of the .bin file - the Vivado project is much more complex and the .bin file is much larger (about 1.6MB).

Could you try building a really simple Vivado project, to keep file size low, and attempt to upload that?

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