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General question (HDMI shield + Software question)
Happy to help!
I have watched a fair bit of nandland videos, it's a shame he stopped posting frequently - glad to hear the go board is a good product.
Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about this stuff - I just purge the spammers, approve posts, and answer the questions I can. I can't say I have noticed any retro gaming posts on any of the three boards as of yet. Most of the posts are concerning hardware/software issues, but if you want to check out the "show and tell" category in the forum, you might find something (a brief search for SNES returned only this thread, I think you are out of luck).

I know there is an (incomplete) GPU tutorial, where Justin walks you through designing a GPU to render a 3d model, and send that to a little display over some non-consumer-grade protocol, directly wired to an Au. Probably not super helpful, just putting that on your radar. I think the HDMI element has been "coming soon" for quite a while now, so hopefully it will be released soon. Justin, if you read this - any updates?

As for the amount of RAM in the FPGA's-
As I'm sure you know, the Au+ is EXPENSIVE - see if you can make use of the 256mb of DDR3 on the Au - which you probably already know about, but I dont want you to spend another $200 on the Au+ just to realize it is complete overkill. I understand you can also get another 400Kb of distributed ram out of the Au, should that be useful. Souce: https://www.xilinx.com/content/dam/xilin...-guide.pdf

Based on Wikipedia, the SNES has a total of 192KB of RAM (128 general purpose, 64 audio + video) - although the SNES's CPU runs an order of magnitude faster than the Au clock. As you know your project (and FPGA's) better than I do, I won't make any claims as to whether a product I do not fully understand will suit your needs - but the numbers you found appear correct based on my reading of the Xilinx datasheets.

This sounds like a super cool project - I would love it if you kept me and the forum updated on any progress!

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