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Understanding I/O
A quick additional question on the Au dual voltage I/O pins. I tried using those with the PWM module (and other type of signals) to output the signals, but I don't observe any change on the pin. This works on the differential I/O of Bank A (although I basically use them as single ended output). Is there any parameter that I need to set in a constraint file (.acf or .xdc?)?

edit: As an example here are three signals declared as output (top module) and linked in the constraint file to:

pin pwm0 C34;
pin ttl1 A28;
pin ttl2 C40;

ttl1 works, while pwm0 and ttl2 don't. I have the same problem with the pins D43, D42, D8, D9, D11 and D12, and all dual voltage IO pins from Bank C.


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