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Understanding I/O
Sorry for the # of questions i'm about to have, but I am not very experienced in electronics and the guy I've been trusting to help on this has been really busy and hasn't read most of the documentation yet. For context; I am working on what is essentially a MIDI keyboard & I want it to have the ability to have variable volume. Based on how this piano will be made, I thought the best way to do this was to take in a signal for each key and measure how long the "note on" signal is recieved in comparison to the base clock. However, based on what I can tell I only have 59 single I/O pins and enough differential I/O pins to take in 9 extra signals (68 signals in total) which is less than the 88 signals I need. So here come the questions.

1. Can I run different I/O types on the same bank?

2. What is this Dual Voltage I/O and how does it work? (Can't find any documentation)

3. What is the Voltage coming out of the LED pins? (Might use them as a way to make out MIDI output)

We have till Saturday morning to get this project done so any help would be really appreciated

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