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Can someone clean up the SPAM?
(02-24-2020, 04:44 AM)john.tilghman@protonmail.com Wrote: I sent a PM to the admin, doubt it will do any good.

I bought my Au from Sparkfun and I think it is a decent product, but if I had known the level of dis-service we seem to be getting for this product I would have chosen a different dev board kit.
I agree, great product but this forum lacks interest and support from the admin and developer, plus the unrelated spam has forced me to move on... reluctantly. 

I invested in a lot of time with both the Cu and Au with Alchitry Labs, however I've waited months and still have had no reply on how to implement SPI on the Au with the Br element. 

The relevant tutorials I needed are still only relevant for the Mojo and I've waited with anticipation hoping that they would come as promised on this website, however time constraints for my prototype development have forced me to move onto the Teensy 3.6 microcontroller as the resources and the support are great. 

Ongoing I would still like to use the fast parallel processing of the FPGA for fast and stable PWM switching and to integrate the flexibility and ease of programming using the Arduino compatible Teensy's.

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