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Couldn't find device!
Anyone get a "Couldn't find device!" error when trying to flash a program to one of the Alchitry boards (in my case a Cu)?
Sometimes I get "Couldn't find device!" and sometimes I get:

org.usb4java.LibUsbException: USB error 5: LibUsb.open() failed: Entity not found
at com.alchitry.labs.hardware.usb.UsbDevice.usbFindAll(UsbDevice.java:218)
at com.alchitry.labs.hardware.usb.UsbUtil.getDevice(UsbUtil.java:46)
at com.alchitry.labs.hardware.usb.UsbUtil.openFtdiDevice(UsbUtil.java:91)
at com.alchitry.labs.hardware.loaders.CuLoader.program(CuLoader.java:45)
at com.alchitry.labs.hardware.loaders.ProjectLoader.load(ProjectLoader.java:48)
at com.alchitry.labs.project.Project$8.run(Project.java:1539)

I have tried two different USB-C cables, both confirmed to be data cables and every single USB port and hub on my PC.

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