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A few questions about a homemade Sdram Shield
Hello to all,
Test shield sdram update.

I can't get it to work. Huh

I have modified the project so that it is compatible with the sdram chip in my possession but I cannot get any meaningful data.

It could be that I don't see all the possible variations of the modules for this type of memory.

The mojo has not suffered any damage, I did tests on it. Smile

I checked the connections on the pcb and everything is correct.

I would not like the chip damaged during desoldering. Huh

The only drawback is finding a complete datasheet.
On the net you can find the synthetic one but it is very meager in terms of information, not even to compare with the counterpart Micron.

It seems Samsung no longer has a decent datasheet on file describing the operation of the sdram chip in question.
I found a better one but it refers to a previous generation of such memory where the architecture is practically the same but some timing varies.

The thing I can still do right now is to check all the timing by comparing the Micron datasheet with the Samsung one.

If anyone of the forum wants to help me I can provide both the project and the schematic.

I made the card with kicad and it is very similar to the official one, they vary only some pinouts.


I checked the times and these are respected.
Always if I have not made mistakes in the verification but it does not seem to me.
Samsung memory is slightly faster than the micron.
Only the Tsh = 1n compared to the Tsh Micron = 0.8n

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