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Question Shield Mojo to Alchitry
(11-09-2020, 05:22 PM)alchitry Wrote: Here's a list of all the Au signal lengths is you really want to match them.

In general, I don't have a problem sharing the Eagle files for the board if someone want's them for a reasonable purpose. I just haven't posted them like the Mojo because I found that the most common use for the Mojo ones was making crappy knock offs that eventually created complaints about boards we didn't even make not working.


As I have a little time I modify the adapter card.

Yes, I saw your cards have been copied, in fact I bought a fake mojo V3, but I must say that it works well. I also took some shields to experiment since originals are not found.

I don't understand the reason you retired the mojo V3, to start experimenting with fpga it's great I would say.
The connectors on the one hand are terrible but on the other hand they give easy access to the board.
For basic projects they are the best. Big Grin

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