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Alchitry Lab & Mojo - PTAa - 02-02-2020

Hello group,

I just tried to use Alchitry Labs Version 1.1.6 together with my Mojo V3.

I loaded the Mojo Blinker Demo project.
Build went flawless. However programming or erasing did not work.
Error: Could not detect a Mojo.
The Settings menu does not have an entry for setting the COMport.
So, apparently, the IDE does not realize it is about a Mojo.
Even if a Mojo project clearly is selected.

Maybe the Mojo is not supported any more?


RE: Alchitry Lab & Mojo - alchitry - 04-17-2020

Hey P-T,

This is caused by the change to use libUSB instead of the COM ports. It should automatically detect your board without needing to select a COM port.

To get the proper driver installed see

You need to make Windows use WinUSB instead.