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Issue with mojo/edid_rom/i2c_slave. - ocr - 07-12-2019


It seems there is a bug in i2c_slave implementation for Mojo/HDMI Shield. I have used rk3328 box as HDMI source in HDMI pass through scenario. On HDMI source I can see error: "failed to get edid".

Inside i2c_slave.luc there is state transition from READ_ACK_WAIT to WRITE_BYTE. It is good idea to check master's ACK/NACK before going to WRITE_BYTE again. Go to IDLE state if master responds NACK. Currently it goes into WRITE_BYTE anyway and continues to write into bidirectional sda line. Such behavior considered incorrect. For more details see please patch in attachment.


RE: Issue with mojo/edid_rom/i2c_slave. - alchitry - 07-23-2019

Thanks for this! I applied your edit and it'll be in the next release of Alchitry Labs