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CuBr pins - samuelcomeau - 05-19-2019

Hello all, 
I noticed the was not a convenient list of what physical pins of the Cu board connects to what header on the Br board. So I figured it out and am going to post the .pcf file here. I also have a template for icestorm builds using that pcf. I was wondering if I should submit a pull request and to which projects if any. Would anybody be interested? Also, did I duplicate work by accident?

RE: CuBr pins - flexo - 08-07-2019

Awesome. Thanks for the work you've done.
As a total noob, can you give me the brief on exactly what this is outlining?
Take it, I've been a bit confused even working out what the "Br Element Reference" business card is trying to explain.
Thanks Smile

RE: CuBr pins - kallisti5 - 11-01-2019

Any idea which connector is which Bank?

Looks like:


With the USB connector on the left? Doesn't seem documented. I'm working on getting support added to the *awesome* icestudio design tool.