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Cannot build the Cu base project - citizen34 - 08-15-2022


I'm trying out my new Cu dev board on a Windows 10 machine. However, having followed all the installation setup instructions, when trying to build the base project with the LED & reset button I get the following output (not more not less) :

    Starting iceCube2...

    Bin file (D:\ALCHITRY_Projects\TEST\test2\work\alchitry_imp\sbt\outputs\bitmap\cu_top_0_bitmap.bin) could not be found! The build probably failed.

I have noticed this error is recurrent amongst other users on this forum and I have tried a few of the proposed fix-arounds to no avail.
I am using Java version 8 Update 341 (build 1.8.0_341-b10) and my virus protection has been temporarily turned off during the tests ...

Is there a fix for this or otherwise a previous working version of the IDE as I'm using the most recent version 1.2.7.

Looking forward to your advice.

cheers, Michael