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Vivado and licensing - sng2021 - 10-08-2021


I am simply an experimenter and trying to learn more about FPGAs. I came across the Alchistry products and appeared to be a reasonable way to start. I understand I should be use Alcitry Labs to develop and experiment with the AU board. On reading about installation, I discovered I needed to install Vivado from Xilinx as well. I went to Xilinx's website and discovered that I needed to fill in a form pertaining to US Government approval for exports. I have filled such forms many time in the past while employed by various organisations. My purpose for learning about FPGAs is strictly as a personal project. How do I obtain Vivado if I do not want to include an employer's name or company name on the application form? I live in Australia which has always been on friendly terms with the US Smile


RE: Vivado and licensing - Tyrving - 10-08-2021

I just put in "personal" or "other" for the company/employer stuff when signing up myself. To my understanding, Xilinx needs to collect this information, but does not really care what you put in. I don't think there is any verification process the information needs to go through.
I should note I am in the USA, and have little to no knowledge of the regulations surrounding this. Hope this helps.