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Mojo V3 not connecting - andreipit - 03-04-2021

I recently bought a Mojo V3, but after i write the code in Alchitry Labs, build it succesfully and then press Program nothing happens, it just says Connecting.
Any1 who can help me with this problem?

RE: Mojo V3 not connecting - alchitry - 05-18-2021

Can you confirm you have a real Mojo? If you recently bought it (in the last threeish years) we didn't make it. Some of these work, some of them don't.

RE: Mojo V3 not connecting - tistructor - 05-21-2021

Try using Mojo Loader, it should work.
Alchitry-Labs under windows 10 in my case fails to detect the com port correctly.
Only in some cases removing and replacing the serial drivers did it work but if I remove the usb connector and put it back, the com port is no longer detected.
A manual port setting system like in Mojo-Loader or IDE would be better.
My Mojo is not original.
No problem under linux. Big Grin

RE: Mojo V3 not connecting - alchitry - 06-09-2021

I just pushed 1.2.7 which should fix this.