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Blank Alchitry_AU_Shield CircuitMaker - Initerworker - 01-01-2021

Hi everyone,

I recently had the opportunity to work on my first hardware project for a ham radio SDR Transceiver that I will explain in another thread. I need an ADDA shield, an ADC, and a DAC in Alchitry compatible shield to get my way.

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of information to create our custom shield. So, I decided to dig deep into it and made a straightforward shield design with CircuitMaker and share it with the community.

I warn you that it's my first PCB design, and all your help could be appreciated to improve this blank design.
  • A check on the connector could be helpful :-)
If you want to help me to improve the PCB design, you can ask me to collaborate on this project: If you want to use the design for your purpose, you can fork the project: If you want the connector footprint, you can use this link:
I hope that you will appreciate this opensource contribution,

Best regards,