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Alchitry-Labs Config files? - tistructor - 11-09-2020

Good morning,
It is possible to know the saving path of the Alchitry-Labs configuration files under windows 10.
I couldn't find them anywhere.
Under linux it was very simple.

RE: Alchitry-Labs Config files? - alchitry - 11-09-2020

I assume you mean the IDE's config file like where it stores which theme you're using.

It uses Java Preferences which according to the docs "on Windows systems the data is stored in the Windows registry."

"On Linux systems, the system preferences are typically stored at java-home/.systemPrefs in a network installation, or /etc/.java/.systemPrefs in a local installation. If both are present, /etc/.java/.systemPrefs takes precedence."

RE: Alchitry-Labs Config files? - tistructor - 11-09-2020