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Working loader for MacOS! - prebys - 11-01-2020

We're going to be doing labs with these boards remotely next quarter, we've arranged for remote Windows systems to do the compilation, but half the students have Macs, so I needed a Mac version of the binary loader.  

I was able to pretty easily port the standalone (officially deprecated) command line alchitry-loader for MacOS by doing the following...

From here:
- Download the driver library for 10.4 and later
- Also download and install the "D2XX Helper Tool" (this prevents MacOS from overriding the drivers)
- Follow the instructional video (if you have the helper tool, you don't have to do the "kextunload" step)

Then do 
>git clone
>cd alchitry-loader/src
>c++ -o Alchitry_Loader *.cpp -lftd2xx -lpthread

This will generate a LOT of warnings (>70), but the resulting executable seems to run correctly. 

To test it, do
> ./Alchitry_Loader -l
and it should find the board and return
  0: Alchitry Au
  1: Unknown
Found Au as device 0.

To do a volatile load of a configuration, do
> ./Alchitry_Loader -r (project).bin  

If you want to erase or program the flash, you also need a "bridge" .bin file. You can find "au_loader.bin" and "cu_loader.bin" in this archive:

You then erase the flash with
> ./Alchitry_Loader -p au_loader.bin -e

and program it with
> ./Alchitry_Loader -p au_loader.bin -f project.bin

To date this has only been tested with an Alchitry Au under MacOS Catalina