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Flash Memory Mojo V3 - tistructor - 10-15-2020

I am building my own mojo V3 card, is it possible to use a SST25VF040B-50 (50Mhz) flash memory instead of the default 80Mhz one?
Thank you

RE: Flash Memory Mojo V3 - alchitry - 11-02-2020

Probably shouldn't make a difference but you may have to tweak the Arduino code

RE: Flash Memory Mojo V3 - tistructor - 11-04-2020

I took a look at the firmware source files and believe I am able to update the source to use the 50MHz flash memory.
I have checked and there is a substantial price difference from the 50MHz to the 80MHz version found on the mojov3 about 10 times as much when compared with non-microchip chips.

PS: I'm having fun using fpga, I had never used them.
  Big Grin