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  Raspberry pi
Posted by: scootergarrett - 11-29-2020, 01:59 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

Dose anyone know if I can program the Alchitry AU using a raspberry pi?

  Mojo v3 Java Errors
Posted by: Toast - 11-27-2020, 01:54 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Total noob. Bought this last year with intent on learning fundamentals on hardware implementation in logic. Having trouble getting started and I'm not sure where things are going wrong.

  • Mojo v3 recognized as COM 5 in Windows
  • Xilinx 14.7 Web Pack
  • Java SDK 15
  • Alchtitry 1.2.4
Getting this set of errors when I push the build to the board:

.png   mojo.png (Size: 34.39 KB / Downloads: 5)

Can someone please direct me as to what I have wrong in this setup?

  pre divider in dff
Posted by: noam - 11-23-2020, 06:05 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

in some tutorial I saw a dff declared:

   dff counter[16+8]; // counter for delaying between steps. The +8 is the pre-divider

but the author states that the counter is still 16 bits. is the +8 some syntax for pre-divider on the dff? I can't find any reference to it..

and sorry if this is has a very obvious answer.

  A few questions about a homemade Sdram Shield
Posted by: tistructor - 11-09-2020, 11:52 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Hello to all,

I wanted to experiment with the V3 mojo with the sdram shield and realized it takes a little too much money and time to receive it.

So I made the sdram shield manually by modifying the original.
As I could not find the same memory chip inserted on the official shield.
 (I turned the house over to find an old pc133 sdram bank and I'm sure there are but I couldn't find the cards Undecided  ).

So I unsoldered one from an old hd (K4S641632K-UC60) Big Grin
 4 x 1,048,576 words by 16 bit -> 8Mbyte if I'm not mistaken (16 bit words are found everywhere)
Organization Row Address Column Address
4Mx16 A0~A11 A0-A7

It is a little different from the original it has 8 extra bidirectional data pins and
two data mask control pins and has one less addressing bit.
but I think it is compatible and now I'm editing the example file to do some tests.

My questions are these:
- there is a possibility of frying Angel  mojo if I am wrong in setting the doors
 bidirectional data of the sdram?

- is it possible to use it in 8 bit format without modifying the example file?

- I have never used sdram and on some schemes they are inserted
 25 or 33 OHm resistors in series usually to the data pins.
 In fact on the HD card are inserted at least the 16r on these pins.
 I believe it is used to eliminate disturbances (stub resistor).
 Do you think they need a test shield? seen that on the original
 there are not?

I powered the card without the mojo and it seems to work, by measuring the voltages on the pins they are floating or at Hz since the chip is not initialized and it absorbs a few mA.


  Typical lead time for backorders
Posted by: prebys - 11-09-2020, 05:55 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

I'm planning to order 25 Au/Io pairs for a lab next quarter and just found out 18 are back ordered. 

Does anyone know what the typical lead time is for back orders.  I don't actually need them until February.  Should I be worried?

  Alchitry-Labs Config files?
Posted by: tistructor - 11-09-2020, 02:21 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Good morning,
It is possible to know the saving path of the Alchitry-Labs configuration files under windows 10.
I couldn't find them anywhere.
Under linux it was very simple.

  DDR3 speed of READ command
Posted by: LMN128 - 11-09-2020, 01:05 PM - Forum: General Questions - No Replies

I try to use DDR3 memory on the Au board for my project and it looks like the first read data get from the FSM I got after about 270nS. It related to about 22 cycles  of  ui_clk. Is it normal behave of DDR3 or have something wrong, please? I need accidently access to memory addresses  for reading and writing by CPU without postponing of reading. Write is no critical because FIFO can be use, but read have to be fast (50ns is enough). Thanks for help.

  Could not detect an Au!
Posted by: satheesh_s - 11-06-2020, 01:15 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (4)

I have setup Alchitry Labs 1.2.1 on my Windows 10 machine.  I have connected Au to the machine and under UBS Controllers in Device Managers, I do see 2 entries - USB Serial Converter A and USB Serial Converter B.  Both of them show the driver being used as FTDI.

Even after this, both Alchitry Labs and Alchitry Loader do not recognize this and the status is always - 'Could not detect an Au!' when I try flashing on to the device.

I did uninstall the devices from Device Manager with the Option for 'Uninstall Drivers' set to on.  But after I disconnect and connect Au to the PC, the default it took was the same FTDI with no change.

Is there anything else I need to do make Alchitry Labs and Loader recognize the Au?

  DDR3 speed in example
Posted by: LMN128 - 11-05-2020, 07:42 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

The example of DDR3 interface works on 325MHz. Why is used this speed, please? By the documentation of AS4C128M16D3LB-12 (chip uses in AU) it looks speed could be 400MHz. Thanks a lot.

  Could not detect a Mojo! Win10 64Bit
Posted by: tistructor - 11-05-2020, 10:00 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Good morning,
Sorry for all these replies to posts I made earlier but didn't have write access before.

Let's get to the problem:
In win10 64bit alchitry labs or alchitry loader fail to detect mojo v3:
- or by reporting "Could not detect a Mojo!"
- or reporting a java error I think related to libusb libraries.

Mojo loader works fine however and loads .bin files correctly.

I tried all libusb drivers using zadig and only once the card was identified correctly and I could load the .bin file. (I was no longer able to recreate this situation)
When the PC was restarted, the card was not found again.
The exact same thing happens to me on the laptop always with win10 64bit but with intel architecture.

Mojo loader works fine however and loads .bin files correctly.

Under Linux Mint 2020 the card is detected perfectly and the .bin file loads smoothly and the serial port works too.

Is there a solution I can use to fix the problem?