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  Au can't work
Posted by: Eric_Chen - 04-16-2022, 02:07 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

A question from an FPGA newbie:
I recently bought Alchitry Au broed , I finish the code and also produce the .bin_file in Vivado next I work the alchitry-loader 1.2.7 and alchitry-loader 1.2.5. The bad news is here . I can't detect an Alchitry Au .So who can give me some idea.
Computer version:Win 11

  Base Vivado project for Au+: compatibility
Posted by: coffee_nebula - 04-12-2022, 09:12 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

I have been following the Lucid and Verilog tutorials for the AU+ board that I recently bought.

I ran into a bit of an issue with the AU+ and using Vivado. It turns out that the base project that is provided on the website is still set up for compilation for the old Au board which caused me a bit of pain since I didn't notice the difference in the devices in the beginning. Since it seems that AU+ pretty much supersedes the AU, would it be better to update the device within the base project from xc7a35tftg256-1 to xc7a100tftg256-1?

I have changed the device manually and now the code seems to work well. However, I wonder if there are other things I should change within the project to accommodate the device change?

  USB-UART, which port is which?
Posted by: darkmatta - 04-11-2022, 09:14 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Hi, I am working with getting some UART code running on the Alchitry AU and realized I had a question. Which of the two /dev/ttyUSB? ports is which. In the schematic JTAG seems to be port A and UART on port B, but would that necessarily give the expected result of /dev/ttyUSB0 is the JTAG and /dev/ttyUSB1?

PySerial just labels them both "Alchitry - Au"

>>> from serial.tools import list_ports
>>> for element in list_ports.comports(): print(element)
/dev/ttyUSB1 - Alchitry Au - Alchitry Au
/dev/ttyUSB0 - Alchitry Au - Alchitry Au

I suspect it's arbitrary which is which, just whichever the kernel saw first, but I was wondering if anyone had an easy way to read them and be sure.

  Troubles with CU setup
Posted by: halfordC - 03-28-2022, 02:54 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (3)

Hey all, 
Just picked up a CU, and having some trouble with setup. 

OS: Windows 10
Alchitry Labs Version: 1.27
IceCube2 Version: 2020.12

Steps I have taken: 
-Obtained License file using my only enabled physical mac address. 
-Set Windows environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE to the location of my licence.dat file
-Installed IceCube2.

-Installed Alchitry Labs, and pointed the settings IceCube2 and IceCube2 license to their respective folders. 

When trying to build the LED to Button project for the CU, I get this error:

Quote:Starting iceCube2...

Bin file (C:\Files\Alchitry\Testing2\work\alchitry_imp\sbt\outputs\bitmap\cu_top_0_bitmap.bin) could not be found! The build probably failed.

[Image: AlchitryPic.JPG?width=731&height=512]

I've tried going a similar route with making a new project in IceCube2, just to see if I could get an error message with more information. Not sure if I made this correctly (does IceCube2 have a text editor? or is it just a build tool?) The Synthesis message is a bit too long to quote:
[Image: IceCubeCapture.JPG?width=731&height=578]

There seems to be similar issues with the CU / IceCube tool chain on the forum. If anyone could shed some light on what I'm missing, that would be greatly appreciated. These dev boards seem real cool, and after using Quartus on a DE10Lite for school, I was hoping for something a bit more streamlined. 


  Always block
Posted by: aab163 - 03-25-2022, 11:51 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)


I am new to Lucid programming and i am testing different codes. (even though the build takes time)

I took the alchitry example with serial communication. One letter in and some code to send back the feed to the serial monitor.

In my example, the feedback is in the Always block. So here is the code i wrote in the always block.

always {
    reset_cond.in = ~rst_n; // input raw inverted reset signal
    rst = reset_cond.out;   // conditioned reset
    rx.rx = usb_rx;         // connect rx input
    usb_tx = tx.tx;         // connect tx output
    tx.new_data = rx.new_data;
    tx.data = rx.data + 1;
    tx.data = rx.data;         
    tx.block = 0;

What i am trying to do is "just" to send back 2 letters to the serial monitor, the original one (the user input) and one with the letter plus one. But i understood that the last line take preference in the always bloc, so the second line gets returned. The question how do i do that, so 2 letters is returned on input - move it out of the always block, but how?.

Next additional question would be the notion of a module, can that in other programming languages be considered as a procedure/function?


Henrik Smile

  Can't get the Cu to work...
Posted by: Gleekzorp - 03-19-2022, 02:33 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (3)

Hi all,

A question from an FPGA newbie: I bought a Cu, installed Alchitry Labs & IceCube2,and configured Labs so it knows where IceCube2 and the license file are located. Plugging in the Cu gives me a short flash of the 'Done' LED; voltage on the test points is 4.7V)

I can building sample projects (HelloWorld, Led to Button) without any errors, same for flashing the Cu, but: no happ flashing LEDs of any kind...

Any hints/tips/...? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any info!

  CU board wont program
Posted by: bstaton - 03-17-2022, 11:43 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

When I try and built the board with Alchirty Lab, I get
alchitry_imp\sbt\outputs\bitmap\cu_top_0_bitmap.bin) could not be found! The build probably failed.

I can go into the directly and run the build command and generate the bin files.  Alchirty still says it cant find them.  I can use the Alchirty Loader to flash it.

  URL typo error in the Alchitry Tutorials (Background) section
Posted by: Joena - 03-13-2022, 02:38 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

Hi admin,
I just wanted to let you know I noticed a typo error in an URL from the Tutorials (Backgrounds) section.
When clicking on 'Addition' you are directed to: https://alchitry.com/additoin... it has to be: https://alchitry.com/addition (the latter works Wink)

Cheers, Jeroen

  iceprog - Can't find iCE FTDI USB device with Alchitry CU
Posted by: Lopfi - 03-03-2022, 09:13 PM - Forum: General Questions - No Replies

I'm trying to upload my build code to my alchitry-CU FPGA board threw apio using iceprog on windows.

apio upload

which then executes
iceprog -d i:0x0403:0x6010:0 hardware.bin

And the output is
Can't find iCE FTDI USB device (device string i:0x0403:0x6010:0).
scons: *** [upload] Error 2

I have installed the libusbk driver and also tested uploading with the same cable on another pc with the standard drivers and the provided IDE Alchitry Labs in combination with iceCube2 but I really wanted to use the open source alternative instead.

  Moving data into a case statement
Posted by: howdyrichard - 02-22-2022, 12:33 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (3)

I have tried and think proved that rx.data cannot cross the case (state.q) boundary.  I can use led = rx.data; before the case statement and the appropriate bits light up.  If I put the same led = rx.data after the case statement, it will not light any lights.


led = rx.data;     /lights appropriate bits

case(state.q) {
  mig.mem_in.en = 1;
  mig.mem_in.cmd = 0;
  mig.mem_in.wr_data = rx.data;
  led = rx.data;                                  //does nothing!

Please explain.  I have spent over a week trying this and that and the only conclusion is there is a problem with Lucid.  If it's a bug, please let me know so I stop spinning my wheels.

Thank you,